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Legally Blonde opens at the Princess Theatre, Torquay in ...

TOADS SMC Calendar
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Legally Blonde
Princess Theatre, Torquay
23rd - 27th June 2015

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The next TOADS event

TOADS Sponsored Walk

Sunday 3rd May


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Upcoming events … (see the Calendar above for further details)

3rd May Sponsored Walk, Torbay
6th May TOADS Luncheon Club, Paignton
16th May TOADS Coffee Morning, Torquay
25th May Brixfest, Brixham

2nd June Evening of Beauty at salon Wellswood
3rd June TOADS Luncheon Club, Paignton
13th June TOADS Coffee Morning, Torquay

1st July TOADS Luncheon Club, Paignton
4th July End of College Party
8th July Call My Bluff
19th July Pedal Car Grand Prix
29th July Quiz Night, Starcross

22nd August TOADS Coffee Morning, Torquay

19th September TOADS Coffee Morning, Torquay

7th October TOADS Luncheon Club, Paignton
17th October TOADS Coffee Morning, Torquay

4th November TOADS Luncheon Club, Paignton
14th November TOADS Coffee Morning, Torquay

2nd December TOADS Luncheon Club, Paignton
12th December Carols and Mulled Wine, Torquay
19th December TOADS Coffee Morning, Torquay
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Rehearsal Schedule

What's On? (other local productions) ...

Bijou Theatre Productions:


Calamity Jane - 5th - 10th October


Paignton Pantomime Productions:


TOADS Theatre Company:
Don't Dress for Dinner - 11th to 18th April
Private Lives - 9th to 16th May
You Never Can Tell - 6th to 13th June

TOPS Musical Productions
Hairspray - 13th - 17th October

Torbay G&S
The Grand Duke - 7th - 11th July
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Their Graces the Duke and Duchess of Somerset

Registered Charity No. 268829

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