TOADS Stage Musical Company

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Show Stoppers
16th March 2013 - The Princess Theatre, Torquay
a concert featuring a compilation of numbers from well known musicals; showcased by soloists and large chorus numbers featuring music, dance and comedy.
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Enter the name for this tabbed section: Cast
Richard Brindley
Sean Caunter
Lewis Cudmore
Iain Douglas
Robert Fitzgerald
Peter Fletcher
Steve Gale
Gordon Green
Derek Hexter
Joe Kerbyson
Aaron Kitts
Chris Mitchell
John Purse
Kane Williams
Niall Williams
Reece Williams
Nick Woodmore

Suzy Brown
Jo Button
Lisa Fletcher
Chloe Fry
Julia Gale
Catherine Hutchinson
Amanda Jenkins
Elaine Johnson
Georgina Johnson
Becca Lamburn
Ami Martin
Sophie Martin
Atlanta McLennan
Maddy Rooke
Kat Ross
Amy Tolley
Claudia Waller
Zoe White
Beth Wilkinson
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Production Team
Musical Director - John Amery
Director - Iain Douglas
Choreographer - Elaine Johnson, Victoria Lindley, Elaine Gard, Ami Martin with Claudia Waller, Zoe White, Nick Woodmore
Stage Manager - Miles Opie

Musicians - John Amery, Tracy Austin, Joanna Walling
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Behind the Scenes
Chaperones - De White, Sharon Woodmore, Dave Williams
Promotion - Iain Douglas, Steve Gale, Sean Caunter
Front of House - Teresa Edwards, Margaret Aulton, Marguerite Green, Mary Qiriaqi, Elaine Gard