TOADS Stage Musical Company

New Member Auditions

These are usually held once a year in the run up to productions. If you are interested in joining the company please contact the Hon. Secretary on 01803 290371 or by completing the
contact form

The auditions are carried out in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in front of the Committee.

You will be required to sing a song of your choice (please bring sheet music); deliver a short piece of dialogue (script provided) and learn a simple dance routine as a group.

This is the ONLY way to gain entry to the membership, unless you (as a non-member) are invited to join the cast for any of our productions
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Acting Member

Acting members must first audition to join the Society at one of the new members audition dates. The annual subscription is £30. Once accepted into the membership you will be eligible to audition for a part in any of the productions. All principal roles and dancer places are auditioned. As regards chorus places, we usually wait and see how many members wish to be in the show before deciding if we need to audition the chorus.

There is an active social side to the Society and all members are expected to lend a hand with fund raising activities.

Non-Acting Member

We are always looking out for members to help backstage and from of house. The subscription is £30 and you will receive all the benefits of membership and be expected to fulfil the role of a full member.

Junior Member

The Society only accepts members aged 14 and over, unless there is a specific role for a performer under 14. The annual subscription is £20 and appearance on stage is subject to the 'juveniles in performance' regulations. The Society is an approved body for juvenile performance duly registered with the local authority.