TOADS Stage Musical Company

Vice Presidents

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What does being a TOADS Vice-President offer you?

For a yearly subscription of £30 you will:

Be offers a free ticket to our main show at the Princess Theatre, Torquay and be seated with the Civic Party in the Circle

During Show week, be invited to the Civic Reception before the start of the show and during the interval

Be offered a free programme for you and your guest

Be acknowledged in the programme

Be able to bring a guest at a concessionary ticket rate

Be invited to attend one of the later rehearsals in the hall

Receive a copy of the TOADS SMC Newsletter - 'Small Talk'

Be invited to be part of the TOADS SMC Social events throughout the year

Be part of an Award Winning company!
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Lisa Adams
Sally Allen-Gerard
Marietta Al-Shimali
Jim Batty
Ralph Bell
Mick Bettesworth
Sheila Brooks
Carole Burnside
Ann Buxton
Nick Bye
Ivan Cloherty
Wendy Cloherty
Susie Colley
Roger Colwell
Candy Constantino
Kay Cooper-Rogers
Helen Cowen MBE
Maggie Coxill
Geoffrey Creighton
Joan Deeley
Brian Dore
Nina Dore
Alison Downing
Ian Dunn
Mary Edward-Jones
Ann Fisher
Anita Forrest
Heather Gargette
Daphne Gibbings
Marion Grigg
Barry Guilfoyle
Pauline Guilfoyle
Olwen Hayward
Jane Head
Alison Hernandez
Derek Hexter
Mike Higgins
Tina Higgins
Debbie Howard
Nicola Howkins
Lesley Jeavons
Michael Jeavons
Martyn Jenkins
Albert Jones
Christine Jones
Irene Jones
Gary Kent
Mark Kingscote
Jacqui Laing
Yvonne Legg
Jean Liddiard
Maria Lunn
Michael Lunn
Sheila Mackay
June Manney
Pam Moss
Kingsley Nicholas
Phyllis Nicholas
Derek Oatley
Pamela Oatley
Pamela O’Connor
Marion Page
Wenona Pappin
Richard Peeke
Rose Penfold-Smith
Jackie Perrins
Carol Pinnock
Jonathan Pinnock
Laurie Preece
Carol Pryce
Sylvia Reid
Kate Richards
Yvonne Roux
Audrey Schmidt
Marlene Seiflow
Lesley Skinner
Hazel Smith
John Smith
Caroline Stockwell
Lynn Sykes
Colin Sylverwood
Dana Sylverwood
Becky Trethewey
Jenifer Ward
Sue Ward
Vincent J Watson
Diane Williamson
Matthew Wintle
Pam Wood